Friday, January 25, 2008

Recipe Dreaming

ah, such poetry as lives in cooking—
leeks and cornmeal,
figs and fennel,
savory, thyme, rosemary and oats.
your hand covers mine as I wield the knife-blade,
the chopping board thumps with each downward stroke.
courgette, turnip, carrot and pumpkin,
potato, shallot, artichoke, beet.
crisp apples with onion, walnuts and ginger;
steam-borne aromas of mushroom and wine;
scallion, cilantro, cardamom, turmeric;
boursin, edam, gouda and bleu.
yeasty odors waft from the oven,
linens are starched, the candles a-glow.
tea-kettle bubbles, cups stand by waiting,
spoon clinks on crystal,
the table is laid.


Marcia, Marcia, Marcia said...

What exactly was that on the menu???!!!

Redblur63 said...

Lots of good things--a leafy green salad full of vegetables, homemade potato-leek-carrot soup with creme fraiche, and Venetian cornmeal cake with dates and pine nuts. There are some things in the poem that WEREN'T on the menu, but that just made me happy to think about on a cold afternoon!