Thursday, June 26, 2008

In Just Is...

So, after twenty years of greasing the wheels of justice and employing stall tactics worthy of a three year old deferring bedtime, Exxon finally got its way. Figures.

If you've ever visited Valdez, Ak., and perhaps taken a boat through Prince William Sound by Bligh Reef, you know firsthand the importance of, say, not hiring an idiot raging drunk to pilot your vessel through this narrow and rocky passage.

Money. It really changes everything. Dammit.


Mary Alice said...

Can you believe that? They got away it again.

Redblur63 said...

Yeah, it seems to be a recurring thing. Makes me wanna puke. Oh well, I can boycott their sorry you-know-whats another 20 years. By then, of course, we will have weaned ourselves off of fossil fuels (mostly because we will have used them all up by that point).

ever the same, ever changing, I am e said...

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.

- Henry Ford

Personally, I'm hoping the Honda Clarity will be a big hit in CA and eventually find its way to the Midsouth market.

(oh, fyi, your link to the article is broken - there's an extra period near the beginning of the link... in case you want to fix it so that people can read the article)

Redblur63 said...

Thanks for the heads up on the link. I've repaired it and you should be able to go there now. This is what I get for posting in a hurry. And when I'm mad as hell.