Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Extended Family

I’m not even going to try and explain the lengthy absence. There are simply too many factors and I won’t bore you with them. Those of you who live close enough to me have seen the impact of some of them recently. All is well. Remain calm.

I have been decorating and surprising myself along the way. The great spiritual two-by-four has been in action and I’ve come across some truly great additions to the living room. I’ve been intrigued with the concept of the Holy Family for a long time, and am finally realizing my goal of having their physical presence at home. The Norwegian and I were shopping for dining room chairs in an old shop, and I mentioned casually that I needed a St. Joseph or a portrait of the Holy Family to complete the living room. We walked down another aisle and found this hanging on the wall. It’s perfect and so sweet on my wall now.

I love these old images. There is such love and peace in them. They seem seem like they’ve been recovered from a school or church. I don’t really know, but they belong in our circa 1922 living room. They're made of plaster and look Italian, but I haven't been able to find out anything about them. If anyone recognizes the artist, I'd love to know the origin.

I saw the “big sister” to this vase in an antique shop last week, but didn’t get her. I really like this little one that I found at the same yard sale that yielded the two plaques above. Last night I cut a few blooms from the gardenia shrub behind the waterfall and stuck them in the vase. We call her “Our Lady of the Kitchen.” She’s very good company while I'm cooking or cleaning.


Mrs. G. said...

I love these Holy Family images. Having grown up Catholic, these images comfort and give me peace. I am particularly fond of Mary. Beautiful.

Redblur63 said...

I wasn't raised Catholic, but in a very high church Episcopalian environment (back when that meant "Anglican"). In fact, the Norwegian and I now live three doors from that very church. Anyway, we had such beautiful stained glass and statuary to enhance our worship. I love these images, and the whole idea of the Holy Family. I am better able to keep focused on what I'm doing cobbling together my new family with the example of Joseph, Mary and Jesus nearby. They make my living room a haven.