Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Want a Cookie?

This is what my fortune cookie said today:

The answer is in the yoghurt pot you threw in the trash.

Ha, just my luck, and quite the coincidence, considering I made a fresh batch of yogurt last night. The pot is still in the fridge though, since I reuse it each time I ferment more. I love making yogurt at home. There's something so natural and good about slow-cooking milk until it turns into an entirely different and delicious treat. The process is very simple and the end result is much fresher and tastes worlds away from even the good organic brands. Dear Daughter is learning to eat it with less sweetener or sugar, and dumps it on cereal or fresh fruit for dessert or breakfast. We come up with all kinds of wacky smoothie combinations and even made frozen strawberry yogurt one night with it. I also made a cucumber raita from a recipe I found on Chow.

Anyway, I can't give you a virtual yogurt, but I can offer you your very own fortune cookie.

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