Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Food, glorious food.

I left work early today, and I don't feel terribly guilty about it. We had a spectacular thunderstorm last night--the kind with technicolor lightning and low, rumbling thunder. The bunnies were a little scared. I visited them a couple of times in the night and reassured them. Dear Daughter was away on an overnight camping trip with school so I had my evening to myself. I indulged in a good long swim, followed by a few minutes in the sauna. Wow. I had forgotten how good it feels to sit in a sauna after a brisk swim. Note to self: indulge more often!

I bought fresh strawberries (or "strawbees," as Arven the mischievous squirrel from The Pearls of Lutra would say) from a roadside stand on my way home from the base. Oh, all foods should taste as good as these strawberries! These are small, sweet, red'n'juicy to the core, and don't need the slightest bit of sugar. I'm never buying those silicone, red dye #3 gigantiberries from the supermarket again. There's a lot to be said for eating food grown in season!

We had a fabulous vegetarian feast tonight--edamame (a favorite at our house), green beans, fresh spinach, fresh carrots and a salad made from new Roma tomatoes, red bell pepper and cucumbers. We had a little Italian peasant bread with olive oil and herbs, and that was it. Light, satisfying and delicious.

Today is a leek-fast day. I'm not feeling well, probably from all of the junk I ate over the weekend. Trust me, I had fun eating out with friends and family, but I just feel poisoned when I eat like that. Time to clean out the system and start anew. Besides, it's only 27 days until MAUI! The Loved One's Number One Son is getting married in Hawaii, and we're very excited about the trip. Family vacations are lots of fun, and this is going to involve everyone, including Number Two Son and The Grand Grandbaby. It'll be a terrific way to jumpstart the summer.

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