Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm right here!

It's been pointed out to me twice today that I haven't posted since last Friday. I hate to keep my adoring public waiting (all six of you), so here's a brief update on what's new in my wacky world:

The Loved One is still in Alaska. Yes, he lives there. Yes, I live here. Yes, it works. Yes, we miss each other. Anything else?

Dear Daughter left this morning for an overnight field trip with school. She is going to Cumberland Caverns near Murfreesboro and will sleep tonight in a big old cave. She's a little nervous, and I'm a little nervous for her, but there's like 100 other people in there with her, for Pete's sake. It's not like I dropped her down a hole in the ground and walked off.

Besides, she gets to go on a nice brisk hike today and I am in a meeting. A really dull meeting. A deadly dull meeting and I just got told I have to go back. Must cram the rest of my salad sandwich (spinach, red pepper, cucumber and ham) into my mouth and run.

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