Monday, May 7, 2007

Hey, hey, my, my

This morning, while flying up the highway to the base, I was listening to "Welcome to the Working Week" on WEVL. Arguably one of the greatest radio stations ever, this former "10-watt wonder" is run by an all-volunteer staff, including the on-air personalities. The station receives no public money in the form of grants or federal funding, has no advertising and is not affiliated with any university or foundation. Completely listener-supported, WEVL's programming is pretty much whatever the on-air hosts want to play. They're all knowledgeable about music, history and culture. Check out the streaming audio. You're bound to find something you like.

This morning I heard Neil Young's "Like a Hurricane" from his 1977 album "American Stars 'n' Bars." I love this song so much. Having a country highway to fly down with the windows rolled down and the volume cranked elevated the experience to just south of ecstasy. Rock'n'roll will never die.

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