Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Big Day

Saturday dawned, a little overcast, but mostly beautiful. It rains almost every day in Maui, on one part of the island or another, so we weren't too terribly worried. The wind was exciting though--from the east at about 16 mph, with gusts up to 24 mph. For an outdoor, clifftop wedding. I guess we're wearing our hair...up?

Fortunately, Dear Daughter was feeling much better, and the events of the previous night were quickly put behind us, as soon as I hosed off the floor mats from the car and left them on the patio.

The Loved One's younger brother Mac and his wife Lisa had arrived from Portland, OR the night before. We met up with them in the late morning and headed for lunch in Lahaina. The five of us had a great time talking and getting to know one another. They're another interesting couple that are neat to hang out with.

It was an afternoon wedding, so we dressed and went to see the groom before the wedding. Wearing his Marine dress blues, he looked absolutely spiffy, and as usual, on top of the situation. If he had any pre-wedding jitters, he hid them well. I guess those months in Iraq taught him a lot about keeping a check on stress.

Atop the cliff behind the hotel, we gathered with the extended families of both the bride and groom and the friends who had been able to make the journey. We talked and waited for the bride and her entourage. And we waited. And we waited a little more. It was windy, but gorgeous, but, still we waited.

Finally, the men walked forward to their places and we all took our seats. The minister, an imposing figure of a native Hawaiian, resplendent in batik sarong and bearing a macrame'-wrapped conch shell, took his place. He blew on the shell a few times, and Clarisa appeared on the arm of her father. A guitarist softly played and sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." The sunlight caught the gold medals gleaming on Tim's uniform. Clarisa's tan set off her lovely gown and showed off her barre-pearl bracelet beautifully.

Judging by their faces, I imagine a bomb could have dropped on Kapalua Bay and they never would have noticed. The world at that moment dropped away and the sun shone only on them and their love. Promises were made, rings exchanged, blessings asked, and it was good.

We showered the couple with a blizzard of multi-colored rose petals. Everyone smiled and laughed. We stood around and watched while the wedding party toasted the new couple with champagne and while the photographers finished their task. Windblown but happy, we all loaded up to head for the country club for the reception.

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