Friday, June 8, 2007

Geology Joke

Dear Daughter recently announced to me that she wants to be a drummer when she moves to middle school next year. Hmmm, while I would hope that she would gravitate toward something a little more elegant, say, perhaps the oboe or bassoon, at the end of the day, I want her to enjoy middle school band and find something to play that she will love. However, there are so many drummer jokes out there, I would not want her to be the target of any of them. She's stronger than dirt though, so none of it will stick. Besides, she's always marched to her own unique beat, should I really be surprised that now in addition to marching to it, she wants to play it?

I just got the following in my E-mail this morning. It's not often that one gets a geology joke, much less one that's actually amusing. Thanks to Louie-louie for this one:

A geologist walks up to a river and says, "I feel very strongly that your bottom is composed of dirt, silt, small rocks, bits of dead animals, and other particulate inorganic matter."

And the river replies, "Yes, those are my sediments exactly."


Y! said...

Hello, I'd like to ask what exactly are some of these drummer jokes that you mention in the post?

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