Friday, June 29, 2007

Strategic Pause

I'm taking a short break from blogging about the vacation. I'm physically ill (Sjogren's day) and have been completely wiped out most of the day. Work was not good. On a pain scale of 0-10, it's been about a 27. I'm sorry to whine, but I feel like dirt dragged through a hedge backwards.

After dinner (thank God for leftovers), I took a much-needed 30 minute nap while Dear Daughter updated her blog, then we decamped for ice cream. The ice cream joint is conveniently located next door to the used bookstore. We usually manage to spend more on books than on ice cream.

Anyway, we brought home a goodly sack of stuff and have been laying on the couch reading while Alix Bunny has played with last week's Flyer.

Besides, in the last 48 hours, I've seen an injustice unfold that has left me saddened and frustrated, and with a rapidly dwindling respect for someone I have hitherto admired greatly. Where, oh where do I go from here?

More on the trip tomorrow, I promise.

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