Sunday, June 24, 2007

Traveling to Hawaii

At long last I've downloaded the 274 photos we took on our recent vacation. Fear not, I have no intention of posting them all here, but I am going to put together a little travelogue recapping our many adventures covering seven days and nine thousand miles (round-trip).

Since Dear Daughter had not flown since she was an infant and I don't particularly like flying, the Loved One was good enough to break our journey up into segments. Our route took us from Memphis to Dallas/Fort Worth, the D/FW to Los Angeles, then from LAX to Kahului, Maui, Hawaii. We were both really excited, but as you can see, someone wasn't exactly thrilled about our initial takeoff.

Once we were finally airborne and found neither of us had actually fainted, we both relaxed a little. I can't say honestly that either of us ever got quite accustomed to takeoffs in a 757, but we kept focused on the destination, did lots of Sudoku and drank loads of juice (more on this later).

The Dallas airport was a lot of fun. We saw a genuine, old-fashioned shoeshine stand with a rag-poppin' daddy buffing up a commuter. This scene was especially nostalgic for me, as it conjured up memories of going to the neighborhood barbershop with my dad on Saturday mornings. After
he'd get his hair cut, he almost always lingered for a professional shine. It was quite the experience in the late 1960s and 1970s. Alas, it didn't carry exactly the same cachet for a middle-schooler in this decade.

Now that Erin has shown me how to move photos around in my text, I'll be posting more. I'm optimistic that maybe even my layouts will improve! More from home later!

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