Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Film Noir

Oh man, this movie is so good. I mean, good like Prizzi's Honor good. The writing, the direction, the casting, the costuming, the locations... You Kill Me is the total package.

Okay, it's about a man who kills people for a living. And he's a drunk. So bad a drunk even his Polish mob friends wanna see him in rehab, because, as he puts it, his drinking is "starting to interfere with the work." There's some language. There's some violence--both real and implied. There are also redemptive moments, both spoken and gestured. Sir Ben Kingsley is a giant. Tea Leoni is luminous and darkly comic. Dennis Farina still makes the best celluloid gangster of our time. See if you can spot Steve Buscemi in his brief, non-speaking role.

I am so happy I went out of the house to see this.

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