Sunday, July 1, 2007

All Over But the Dancing

The wedding reception was held at the Plantation Club, on the grounds of the Kapalua Plantation Course, home to the annual Mercedes-Benz Golf Championship. The huge silver cup, engraved with the names of past winners, is housed on the premises of the club. It's a large chunk of metal, and would make quite an imposing flower vase.

The club was laid out nicely for the reception, with tables upstairs for dining and a dance floor and deejay below for entertainment. The four-course dinner was quite delicious and featured island-themed seafood and accompaniments.

Clarisa and Tim cut the beautiful three-tiered cake and shared a quiet dance. Clarisa danced with her father. We in attendance watched and ate. The toasts made to the bride and groom included many sentimental remembrances, and a special nod to Tim's services in the United States Marine Corp Reserve. This last remark earned a standing ovation from all.

When the time came for the bride to toss her bouquet to the assembled young ladies below, it was with great astonishment and amusement that we watched as her bunch of orchids flew straight into the outstretched hands of Dear Daughter. I think she was as stunned as anyone to have caught the flowers. Clarisa was a dear and had DD come upstairs for a photo of the two of them together. One of the supermodels asked Dear Daughter when she was getting married. Her clever reply was "after grad school!!" (Good answer!)

Grandbaby Riley was passed around and admired, and we all talked and visited. The Loved One and I enjoyed a starlit stroll on the eighteenth hole. At length, the night came to an end and we all returned home, tired, but happy at the close of this first day of Tim and Clarisa's most excellent new adventure.

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